Today, we are here to talk about what I believe are the core principles and values that make great narrative design. This is whether you’re working on movies, books, video games or more. A lot of these principles cross over through all platforms of narrative design, and I believe you will find value in them and you may recognize these principles yourself in the media you absorb.

These principles are taken from a ludicrous amount of video games, movies and books I’ve soaked in during my lifetime. It’s the consistent principles that stick out when I think of narrative design…

I’m doing something a little bit different with this Medium post.

As many of you know or have read by now, I am a creative writer by nature and by trade.

I love the world of Pokémon and I am using this post to create my own Pokémon generation 9 characters, plot, and dialogue.

None of this is affiliated with Gamefreak, Pokémon Company International or Nintendo themselves. This is a personal creation as someone with a passion for creative writing, video games, Pokémon and more. I could honestly spend weeks, months and years further elaborating. So if you want to…

The Seattle Seahawks are 5–0 heading into the bye. The biggest reason is that they have finally “Let Russ Cook.” I was truly someone who thought you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, Pete Carroll has proved me wrong, and has embraced the “Let Russ Cook” movement.

I’ll eat crow where it’s due. I thought Pete Carroll was going to be so stuck in his ways and that he would prevent Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks from reaching their full potential. To the point that two years ago I wrote an article about how the team should…

Among Us hardly needs an introduction at this point. It’s a social strategic game where you are on a ship with 10 people total, with 2 being imposters. The goal of the imposters is to kill and frame the innocent crewmates until there are an equal amount of imposters and crewmates. The crewmates objective is to vote figure out who the imposters are. To gain the information needed to articulate who the imposters are, you need to remember and manage what players said they did in that round, what everyone saw, and what stands out as conflicting information. …

Yesterday, Sakurai and Nintendo shocked the world by announcing that the next DLC character coming in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is none other than Minecraft Steve and Alex, two of the original characters that are used in Minecraft.

Steve joins the fray in the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC.

Originally, I was surprised at how divisive this announcement was. A lot of fans were looking for more iconic RPG characters like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Dante from Devil May Cry, or perhaps a long time requested fan favorite like Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I’ll admit, my personal favorite would have been an announcement of Sora…

Yesterday, the highly anticipated Playstation 5 reveal finally happened. We already know that the next generation of Xbox is launching in November, and we knew Playstation 5 was coming sometime this year. We had questions. What’s the price point? Are there two models and what are the differences? Am I going to be waiting 6 months for there to be a game worthy of buying a Playstation 5?

We asked, Sony delivered.

Playstation 5 will launch with two different models, with the only difference being the ability to play physical games

We won’t have to wait long for the Playstation 5. It is launching November 12th in North America, as well as in Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand…

EA has constantly heard the online criticism from Madden fans about how the game doesn’t change much in Madden’s yearly release. Criticisms include things like “Why are old features missing?” “Why do we pay $60 for an updated roster every year?” “The in-game mechanics hardly change and need improving.” “We asked for a better franchise not some bs rival to the new NFL 2K game #fixmaddenfranchise

Now that changes. EA has officially introduced a new way to play Madden 21 that will make Madden 21 truly stand out against all previous Madden entries. This mode is called “The Yard.”


Fall Guys officially came out of beta 9 days ago into a full release, and the fast and growing success of the game shows that gamers still love simplicity.

The easiest definition of Fall Guys is that it’s a mini-game Battle Royale. It capitalizes on the current Battle Royale gaming genre success, but instead of killing to make it to the next round, you have to rank in the top % of players in a minigame to make it to the next round.

The UI for Fall Guys is clean and easy to understand and work around, much like the game itself

The fascinating part of Fall Guys success isn’t that a mini-game based game is successful. It’s that…

If you’re following the situation in the gaming sector of social media and the internet, it’s been a really hard time to witness the behavior from men that is being exposed in the video game industry, among esports competitors and video game streamers.

Let’s make it clear: This behavior unfortunately exists in many or all different genres of workplaces and communities. Many seem to think “nerds” or those in the gaming industry aren’t capable of this behavior. That would be wrong.

Many women are sharing their experiences at gaming conventions, words and actions from fellow game company employees, and gaming…

Yesterday was a day that is monumental in the Super Smash Brothers Melee community. A lot of players play on Netplay, which is the act of playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on the “Dolphin” emulator. When combined with Slippi, it allows for online play across the world for Super Smash Brothers Melee.

The most recent update that came out yesterday completely changed the landscape of Melee casually and competitively.

Slippi’s most recent update for Super Smash Brothers Melee has changed the landscape of online Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Super Smash Brothers Melee came out for the Nintendo Gamecube, and has no online functionality through the Gamecube itself. However, over the years, with the evolution of emulators, experiences like playing…

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